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add support for script panel #7

nightwing opened this Issue Feb 4, 2011 · 0 comments

1 participant


to support script panel we need:

  1. add iframe into #fbPanelBar1-deck

  2. set Firebug.ScriptPanel.browser to be that iframe

  3. fix small bug in panelBar bindings selectPanel method on line 239, where after computing panelBrowser for panel, this.browser is used instead of panel.panelBrowser

  4. disentangle code for sourcebox compilationunit and ScriptPanel, sourcebox and compilationunit together are roughly matching ace's session and all the complex code to show only visible range needs to be removed

  5. reimplement line highlighting, search, infotip etc. using ace, this shouldn't be difficult since ace already have most of the code

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