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Simple To-Do

This web application allows users to create and complete items in a to-do list.


Mike Schulenberg




This application was written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript using Cloud9, MongoDB, Express, and Node.js.

Visit Simple To-Do on the Web

Simple To-Do

Using the Application

The application interface has 2 main parts: the navbar and the to-do list. The navbar primarily displays information about the current user such as username, the total number of to-dos completed, and the number of Achievement Points earned. The to-do list allows users to create new tasks, edit or delete existing items, and click checkboxes to mark to-dos as complete. The checkboxes are color-coded to indicate the priority assigned to each to-do: red for High priority, orange for Medium priority, and yellow for Low priority.

To start using the application, visit the landing page, then create a new account or sign into an existing one. On the application's main page, create a new to-do by clicking the text input marked "Add a new To-Do," revealing the New To-Do form. Enter a description for the to-do, click one of the Priority buttons to assign a priority, then click the Submit button to add the to-do to the list.

To edit an existing to-do, hold the mouse pointer over the desired task until the Edit icon appears. Click on the icon to open the Edit To-Do form. Use the text input to change the to-do's description, and use the Priority buttons to change the current priority. Click the Submit button to update the to-do. This form can also be used to delete a to-do without updating the user's Completed Tasks and Achievement Point totals.

To complete a to-do, simply click its associated checkbox. This will update the user's number of Completed Tasks and award a number of Achievement Points based on the to-do's priority.

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This web application allows users to create and complete items in a to-do list.



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