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Revision history for Perl extension VCD.
- Move more of the functionality in the bin/VertFigure script
down into the library.
- Documentation for the library.
- Add ability to draw atlas/axis shapes.
- Add ability to draw key of glyphs.
0.4 Sat Apr 12 11:51:46 BST 2014
- Rename the command-line program, the GitHub repo, and the
project in general from vcd2svg to VertFigure.
0.3 Mon Apr 7 09:48:04 BST 2014
- Move top-level VCD module down into SVG::VCD. This is more
polite for CPAN.
0.2 Mon Apr 7 09:26:03 BST 2014
- First public release.
0.1 Thu Feb 6 11:12:35 2014
- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
-X -n VCD -a --skip-exporter