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start dungeon
treasury throne
action score: score
action inventory: inventory
action look: look
room throne "gorgeously decorated throne room"
exit south chamber
item sign "Sign says: leave treasure here, then say SCORE"
room chamber "square chamber"
exit east dungeon
exit north throne
item cross "Wooden cross"
called "cross"
room dungeon "gloomy dungeon"
exit west chamber
exit north crypt
occur 25% when at dungeon
print "I smell something rotting to the north."
item door "Locked door"
item key "Brass key"
called "key"
at crypt
item door2 "Open door leads south"
action open door when here door and !present key
print "It's locked."
action open door when here door
swap door door2
print OK
action go door when here door2
goto cell
room cell "dungeon cell"
exit north dungeon
item coin "*Gold coin*"
called "coin"
room crypt "damp, dismal crypt"
exit south dungeon
item vampire "Vampire"
occur when here vampire and carried cross
print "Vampire cowers away from the cross!"
occur when here vampire and !carried cross
print "Vampire looks hungrily at me."
occur 25% when here vampire and !carried cross
print "Vampire bites me! I'm dead!"
comment "vampire can attack unless cross is carried"
action get key when here vampire and !carried cross
print "I'm not going anywhere near that vampire!"