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Coastal modelling tool Soft Cliff And Platform Erosion

Recent current version of SCAPE (SCAPE+), Version 1.23 onwards) have benefited from development as part of the Integrating COAstal Sediment sySTems (iCOASST) project, funded by the UK Natural Environment Research Council (NERC project NE/J005541/1). Further information on this modelling tool and iCOASST can be found at:

Changes have been made to the source code since the iCOASST project to deal with bugs that have come to light and to make minor changes to the representation of some processes.

SCAPE is described more fully in: Walkden, M.J.A. and Hall, J.W., 2005. A predictive mesoscale model of the erosion and profile development of soft rock shores. Coastal Engineering, 52(6), pp.535-563.

Dickson, M.E., Walkden, M.J. and Hall, J.W., 2007. Systemic impacts of climate change on an eroding coastal region over the twenty-first century. Climatic change, 84(2), pp.141-166.

Walkden, M. and Dickson, M., 2008. Equilibrium erosion of soft rock shores with a shallow or absent beach under increased sea level rise. Marine Geology, 251(1), pp.75-84.

Dawson, R.J., Dickson, M.E., Nicholls, R.J., Hall, J.W., Walkden, M.J., Stansby, P.K., Mokrech, M., Richards, J., Zhou, J., Milligan, J. and Jordan, A., 2009. Integrated analysis of risks of coastal flooding and cliff erosion under scenarios of long term change. Climatic Change, 95(1), pp.249-288.

Walkden, M.J. and Hall, J.W., 2011. A mesoscale predictive model of the evolution and management of a soft-rock coast. Journal of Coastal Research, 27(3), pp.529-543.


Coastal modelling tool Soft Cliff And Platform Erosion (SCAPE)




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