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Send notifications to your phone/desktop instantly from command line
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Notify Send Telegram

NST Logo

Send notifications to your phone/desktop instantly via the fastest cross-platform messenger. Can be used as an email notifications replacement, as a reminder (with cron), and even as a log monitor (see examples/


This script does not use notify-send GNU/Linux utility and even does not interact with it. But it uses common syntax for sending notification: nst 'Title' 'Body' vs notify-send 'Title' 'Body'.


  • Python 3 and pip3
  • requests python module (see below)

Only for user: pip3 install --user requests

System-wide: sudo -H pip3 install requests

How to use

  1. Create your bot via Bot Father and copy token of your bot
  2. Get your user id via @get_id_bot
  3. Press "Start" button to give your bot permission to send messages
  4. Start script: ./ -t YOUR_TOKEN -r USER_ID 'Hello world'
  5. Add system-wide symlink (optional): sudo ln -s $(pwd)/ /usr/local/bin/nst

You will get 'Hello world' message from your bot. Token and user id will be saved to config file. If you want to override them, just add option --save.


  • Just message with title and body: nst 'New message' 'Lorem ipsum'
  • Message without sound: nst --silent 'Unimportant event' 'Some description'
  • Read message body from stdin (pipe): echo "Test" | nst 'Stdin example' --stdin

Screenshot of dialog with bot

Extended documentation

usage: nst [options] SUMMARY [BODY]

positional arguments:
  SUMMARY               Notification title, for example 'New mail'
  BODY                  Text of notification, multi-line supported. If BODY
                        isn't set, just the SUMMARY is sent

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -n, --silent          send notification with no sound
  -r chat_id, --recipient chat_id
                        telegram chat_id (user_id) to send notification
  -t TOKEN, --token TOKEN
                        set telegram bot token to use
  -s, --stdin           read notification BODY from stdin
  -z, --save            save recipient & token to config file and use them as
                        defaults in future
  -w, --raw             do not escape HTML tags in body (use with caution)


License: MIT

Made with 💚 by Mike_Went

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