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Mike's OpenGL Sandbox

Purpose of this repo is showcasing 3D real-time techniques I gradually implement while studying OpenGL and CG in general. This is a "living" project, in a sense that it is going to be changed often.

Features implemented so far:

  • Basic OBJ importer
  • Simple Scene class
  • Mesh (taking care of allocating VAO, VBO and EBO) and Model objects
  • A scene showcasing 3D import, UV mapping and model outlining through Stencil and Depth buffers
  • A scene showcasing basic post-process shaders
  • A scene showcasing an implementation of light shafts (Godrays)
  • Skybox
  • Shaders class
  • Heightmap-based Terrain with textures interpolation
  • Shadow Mapping
  • Render of a complex (horror) scene featuring shadow mapping and light shafts
  • Normal mapping

Some screenshots

3D Model with outline Basic light shafts Light shafts, 3D model and skybox Heightmap based terrain Crypt with Shadows and Light shafts