This is modified Friend Groups addon (World of Warcraft) that works with 7.1.
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This is modified Friend Groups addon (World of Warcraft) that is working with 7.1.

This addon is belongs to frankkkkk who is the original author. After the addon survived for more than 2 years, after the last official updated at Oct. 29. 2013, it finally stopped working with the newest changes in Blizzard's 6.2.4 API. I modified it to make it work, at least for me.

LUA and XML is never my master programming languages, I can understand it but I never got time to learn and understand the WoW API, I want to but my time table is tight with real life. So this is just a fix not an "improved" version. It just looks like what it should be without new features (hopefully it is what it supposed to be like...)