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Interface between R and .NET

Repo contains sample Windows Forms app that demostrate use of the R-to-.NET interface. The API based on R Tools for Visual Studio components.

  1. Runs R out of process. R crash will not bring down your application.
  2. Supports multiple R session with multiple interpreters
  3. R code calls are asynchronous and non-blocking.
  4. Support for remote connections (like in RTVS 1.0+) will be added in the future

The followig operations are supported:

  1. Arbitrary R expression evaluation.
  2. Data transfer between R and .NET (basic types, lists, data frames)
  3. R function calls passing arguments in .NET types.
  4. Plotting into an image with specify resolution and DPI setting.
  5. Capturing R console output.

API Source code and Test code

NuGet package

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