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Webapp — Easily convert ugly old scholl CSS to fresh new LESS files.
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Css2Less Web-App

** This project is a web-app which convert old CSS stylesheet into LESS dynamic stylesheet. **


This tool has been thought for front-end developers who are tired of working with CSS. Here you can quickly convert your old CSS files to fresh new LESS files.
As easy as copy/paste. You can also convert files locally by install the css2less RubyGems.


This service use css2less library which is a ruby library refactored and Gemified by Thomas Pierson and based on a script initially written by Marcin Kulik.

This website interface was created by Nico Prat and Thomas Pierson under AGPL-3 an licence. See COPYING file for more informations.

This service run on Sinatra and has been built with HAML & LESS (guess what) with the help of the excellent ACE Editor.
Css2Less is self-hosted on an ecologic server at home, in France :)

Questions ?

LESS is cool. What about other awesome languages ? You could also check out Css2Sass, Js2Coffee and Html2Haml. What a wonderful world.

Get in touch You can report bugs, propose ideas and participate on our Github repository.

Why .cc ? We finally decided that CC should mean Communist Compiler. Ya, we've a lot of imagination. If you know the real signification, please tell us. Anyway, it looks nice, doesn't it ?

What about Internet Explorer ? Internet what ?? Oh… Unfortunately, ACE Editor doesn't really support Internet Explorer. Not our fault ! But I'm sure you're not using it...

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