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Imghoard C# API Implementation
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Mikibot/imghoard API implementation in C#

.Net Imghoard

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Getting started

Here's how to get started with .Net Imghoard

//Use Default Settings
ImghoardClient client = new ImghoardClient();
//Pass String Or Uri into constructor
ImghoardClient client = new ImghoardClient("");

//Get All Images Without Tags
var images = await client.GetImagesAsync();
//Get All Images Of Specfic Tag
var images = await client.GetImagesAsync("animal");
//Get All Images Of Specific Tag Excluding Tag
var images = await client.GetImagesAsync("animal", "-cat");
//Get A specific image by it's Id
var image = await client.GetImageAsync(1169529585188999168);

//Posts A new Image
var imageurl = await client.PostImage(imageStream, "supercool", "image", "with", "amazing", "tags");
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