simple English clause creation from arbitrary words in Haskell
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This library helps in generating simple present tense English sentences from short, parametrized descriptions. In a typical use, the structure of a clause is fixed, but the particular words to be used vary in arbitrary ways. The main goal of the library is to minimize the API complexity and the code size of programs that use it. The library doesn't attempt to ban incorrect English sentences, but just make the creation of the simple correct ones easy and predictable.

The library is available from Hackage1 and it's homepage and issue tracker is on github2.

Further information

The library emerged when the needs of the LambdaHack3 game engine outgrew its rudimentary grammar code written by Andres Loeh. The library uses minimorph4 by Eric Kow to tackle English spelling. More information about natural language processing libraries in Haskell is gathered at the Haskell wiki5.