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CO2ok logo

What is CO2ok?

It's a browser extension that enables users to make online purchases climate neutral by letting the online shop pay a small commission to environmental charity, with no extra costs for the user. When a user visits one of our partners' stores, a special notification is displayed. After clicking the "Shop CO2ok" button the user is redirected back to the store through an affiliate link. The amount the online shop donates is used to finance sustainable energy and CO2-emission reduction projects (via our certified partners). CO2ok supports a variety of compensation projects coordinated by Atmosfair and Fair Climate Fund.


Chrome logo

Install CO2ok from Chrome Webstore or Mozilla Addons

Quick start

  1. Clone the repository
$ git clone
  1. Navigate to project directory and install node packages
$ cd CO2ok
$ npm install -d
  1. Start hacking

Edit the files in ./src directory

  1. Run build
$ npm run build

Special Thanks

We would like to thank Altruisto for putting their code open source so we could fork our own project based on their previous work. Altruisto does a great job at donating to charities through online shoppings. Their GitHub repo can be found here: Altruisto GitHub repository