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UPDATE - NEW Seed Project!


  • Angular Material Dashboard - an admin template for creating dashboard-styled web applications utilizing Google's Material Design, Bootstrap 3, Angular, and Meteor 1.2 (server-side full-stack javascript engine).
  • Includes documentation!
  • MEAN project is currently under progress.
  • Includes SEED project to instantly create a new web app without needing to create boilerplate code.
  • Uses Mongo Database for data storage, authentication, etc.
  • Includes data generator for JSON and CSV files.
  • Custom Theme
  • Login page
  • FontAwesome, Timeline, Widgets, Cards, Buttons, Dialogs & Modals, Progressbars, Toast, & Maps.
  • FREE download, just remember to contribute to the project and link back to


  • Authentication
  • Charts - Google, nvD3, and ChartJS
  • Dashboard
  • Documentation
  • Forms
  • Maps
  • Menu (Sidebar, Profile header, Top Navbar)
  • Material UI Elements
    • Wizard
  • Tables

Site Layout

  • index.html
    • core.html
      • home.html
      • charts.html
        • chartjs.html
      •  dashboard.html
        • example1.html
        • profile.html
  • ...


COMMANDS to get your application up and running

  1. git clone
  2. cd meteor/
  3. INSTALL Meteor -
  4. meteor


DEPLOY on DigitalOcean

  3. [Fix RAM issue] (

Commands to run:

  • docker docker run -p 27017:27017 --name mongo_instance -d mongo
  • docker run -d -e ROOT_URL=http://your_ip -e MONGO_URL=mongodb://your_ip:27017/meteor -p 8080:80 mystec/ammdash

If you already have a mongo container running for another app (most likely mongo set up with MUP), you can link/connect to that one like this:

  • docker run -d --link=mongo_instance:mongo -e ROOT_URL=http://your_ip -e MONGO_URL=mongodb://mongo:27017/meteor -p 8080:80 mystec/ammdash