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Docker Phalcon

Build Status Phalcon Version Phalcon devtools

Docker Phalcon base image, see

The repository is a Docker image based on Docker official PHP image with Phalcon Framework.

Supported tags and respective Dockerfile links

Image Test

Here is a simple test command that can confirm the extension has been loaded.

$ docker run -it --rm mileschou/phalcon php --ri phalcon | grep -i ^version
Version => 3.4.1

Running a php script

$ docker run -v ${PWD}:/usr/src/app -w /usr/src/app mileschou/phalcon:7.2-cli php script.php

Builded Image included simple script docker-phalcon-install-devtools to install latest release of Phalcon Devtools CLI

Here is usage example:

$ docker run -it --rm mileschou/phalcon sh -c 'docker-phalcon-install-devtools; phalcon'

Phalcon DevTools (3.2.13)

Available commands:
  info             (alias of: i)
  commands         (alias of: list, enumerate)
  controller       (alias of: create-controller)
  module           (alias of: create-module)
  model            (alias of: create-model)
  all-models       (alias of: create-all-models)
  project          (alias of: create-project)
  scaffold         (alias of: create-scaffold)
  migration        (alias of: create-migration)
  webtools         (alias of: create-webtools)
  serve            (alias of: server)
  console          (alias of: shell, psysh)

Build yourself

Recommend 2G+ RAM when build image yourself. Maybe wait a long time for compile if only 1G RAM.




List the variants of Docker official PHP:

make variants