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Unsupervised Resource Allocation with Graph Neural Networks

Check out the paper here.

PyTorch code for the forward model of our algorithm can be found in this repository in the file To train the model, execute

Data required to train this model can be found here

Requirements for our codebase can be found in environment.yml. Note that one needs to use the following custom astropy:

pip install git+

(it has some of the Cosmology calculations vectorized).

If you are using conda, and have CUDA version 11.0 and cuDNN version 8.0, you can create a duplicate of our env, using:

./ gnn_allocation

which will create a new environment called gnn_allocation. This uses PyTorch 1.7.1, though it is likely to work for other versions if you decide to modify and environment.yml. You can also use an implementation without CUDA using the environment_nocuda.yml file.