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title: "This Thing Called Github"
author: "Miles McBain"
date: "April 12, 2017"
css: ./style.css
# This thing called Github
## Our Priors
* Who among us:
- Is using Github?
- Feels like they should be using Github?
- Sees no reason why they would use Github?
## Should you care?
## Why you should care about Git/GitHub
* Calling Git/Github a Distributed Version Control System is like calling Facebook a place where people post photos.
* Github is:
- A project collaboration platform
- A social network
- A disaster recovery system
- A synchronisation service
- A platform for disseminating your work. Reproducible Research Anyone?
- A place to showcase your actual skills (>> Linked-In)
- A blog hosting service
- A system for controlling your code versions.
- A place for orhpaned code snippets.
## Basic building blocks of a GitHub project
* 'Repositories' - Repos
* 'Issues'
* 'Files'
* 'Commits'
* 'Pushes'
* 'Forks'
* 'Branches'
* 'Pull-Requests' - PRs
## How to learn all this crap
* Don't try. Get acquainted with the platform slowly:
* Level 0:
- Use GitHub to manage your own solo projects. Not necessarily software. [This talk has a repo](
- Get acquainted with commiting, pushing and pulling.
- Use a git client like [GitKraken](
- Raise issues on repos for software you use:
- Feature requests
- Bug reports with a [reprex](
* **DEMOS** Add a gif to this presentation.
## How to learn all this crap #2
* Next level:
- Fork someone else's repo, add code or documentation, make a pull request
- [My First PR](
- Collaborate with someone else on a shared project.
- Merge your commits and resolve conflicts.
## Oh Shit Git
* [Help is not far away](
* [Gitflow](
## My Github workflow
The easy way:
* Create the Repo on GH as first thing.
* Initialise with README - YES
* Clone it to `~/repos`
* Data goes somewhere else `~/data`
- Like [Googledrive](
* Commit/Push early Commit/Push often.
* Sync across all your workstations.
## I HEART Gists
A home for your orphaned code snippets!
* [Gistr](
* [Gistfo](
* [Codefinch](
* [bl.ocks](
## Reading
[Jenny Bryan](
* [Excuse me, do you have a moment to talk about version control](
* [Happy Git and GitHub for the useR](
# Github Q&A