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title: "Discovering R Packages"
author: "Miles McBain"
date: "April 12, 2017"
css: ./style.css
##Brisbane is doing cool stuff!
* BURGr R Unconference
- [datascikit](
- [ozdata](
- [eechidna v2](
#Finding R Packages
## 2 Scenarios
1. You have a specific task in mind. Find the thing that does the thing.
2. You want to keep up with the lastest and greatest developements so you can impress your friends. (R as a sport)
##Finding the thing
* [CRAN Task Views](
-R packages by analysis category. Not bleeding edge stuff, but mostly reliable.
* [R Bloggers Search](
* [Ask the Audience (#rstats)](
* Ask the experts
- People here
- People on various slack groups
- []( (Created 4:46pm today)
## Winning at R
* [R weekly](
- [rweekly_org](
- [rweekly_live](
* [R Views](
* [CRANberries Feed](
* Following people on [Github](
- [njtierney](, [jonocarroll](, [maelle](, [krlmr](, [jennybc](, [hadley](, [hrbrmstr](
* Following people on Twitter:
- [Mara Averick](, [David Robinson](, [Thomas Lin Pedersen](, [David Smith](
* [](
## Playing around with R package stats
```{r, eval = FALSE}
#Get a list of daily CRAN downloads
pack_list = c("tibble", "rcpp")
min_date = as.Date("2010-01-01")
crandl <- cran_downloads(pack_list,
from = min_date,
to = as.character(Sys.Date()))
**Challenge**: Make a list of your favourite packages and make a visualisation of their downloads.
**Expert Challege**: Make a graph of their reverse depenencies using `devtools::revdep`
* Try [this code for an example](
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