Collect, stow, and alphabetise library() calls in your R files.
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Fixes #4. Handles other types of deps. Moves comments.
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In the midst of hot and heavy analysis you can't be bothered scrolling up to the top to put in the library() calls. Let packup do it for you later. Alphabetised...and deduped! Because these things matter OK.

A word of warning: packup is like an OCD robo-vac for your code. And just like a robo-vac, you need to take precautions against it spreading shit everywhere. This addin WILL CHANGE YOUR CODE. SAVE. YOUR. FILES.! Do it! Or I promise you Jenny Bryan will set your laptop on fire.

Otherwise, enjoy!


packup is an RStudio addin. Once the package is installed you can invoke a packup from the RStudio addins menu. Particularly hasty individuls can even bind a hotkey to it.





Thanks to my friends @masalmon and @aammd, and @njtierney for coming up with this idea and inspiring me to make it happen for the great of all!