Discord Bot built with the Discord.js library.
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Discord Bot built with the Discord.js library.

What technologies does Hound Bot utilize?

  1. Javascript ES2017
  2. Git (Version Control)
  3. Node.js

What was Hound Bot designed for?

Hound bot was designed to be a management bot for my personal discord server. I (Daniel Milhound) used the development as a learning experience with Node. Prior to Hound Bot I had little to no experience using Node.js. My journey though learning the Engine can be seen quite evidently throughout the commit logs. This software was not designed with the intent to be used commercially or for profit. Simply put Hound Bot is my accumulation of knowledge learned along the way diving into Node.js, and is to be recognized as such. I’m happy to share all of what I have learned via questions, or though my code. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Can I use the code found in Hound Bot for my own?

Yes! You are more than welcome to use any of the code in part or in whole to develop your own bot. I do ask that you acknowledge where you found the code, but accreditation is not necessary.

Do you accept pull requests?

I will happily accept all help with regards to Hound Bot. As it is a personal project I would love to see flourish. I will review all requests, and address them as necessary.

Is Hound Bot still in development?

While Hound Bots development has slowed greatly in the recent months. I try to keep it as up-to-date as possible. I do try to resolve issues with bugs, and updates to the core libraries Hound Bot uses. As far as new features are concerned, I add them as I find use for them or need them. Recently there has not been many requests for additional features on Hound Bot, but I am looking to improve it wherever possible. This is a passion project, that will not die any time soon.


CC-BY (Attribution Strongly Encouraged, Not required for small components)