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  • Add: --overwrite option to download then overwrite existing artwork files. Fixes #56.


  • Fix: discart and clearlogo artwork types now use -discart and -clearlogo suffix. Use discart:disc/clearart:logo mappings for old behaviour.


  • Add: Support for https


  • Add: Support extrafanart and extrathumbs artwork types (fanart# and thumb#, respectively). Specify the maximum number of items per artwork type with --extrafanartmax and --extrathumbsmax - both default to 4 (existing items in excess of this amount will be removed if --nokeep is specified). The assumed location of the extrafanart and extrathumbs directories will be alongside the corresponding media unless a shared local directory path is specified for either --extrafanart or --extrathumbs. See for naming details.


  • Fix: Unicode issue when displaying urls


  • Fix: Assume titles and filenames are unicode in diagnostic output


  • Add: --info argument to redirect informational data to stdout instead of stderr


  • Fix: Filename encoding issue with foreign characters.


  • Add: nokeep option - don't keep artwork that cannot be matched to pre-existing local artwork


  • Chg: Verify existence of --local and --altlocal paths even when --readonly is specified.
  • Fix: Use correct forward slash/backward slash when converting a network path to local Windows path and vice versa
  • Fix: Map discart:discart -> discart:disc


  • Add: Support movies in individual folders with -1/--singlefolders switch. With this switch enabled, artwork will not be created or located using the movie name as a prefix (ie. poster.jpg rather than Zombieland(2009)-poster.jpg). The default is to create and locate artwork using the movie name as a prefix!
  • Fix: Regex on path mapping functions, re.sub() didn't like Windows backslashes...
  • Fix: Allow for mixed movie-name prefix when using --singlefolder, although non-movie-name takes priority. Only useful when local files already exist with a mixture of filenaming conventions."
  • Add: stack support


  • Add: Movie sets support, finding common parent folder for each set (requires v1.0.5+)


  • Replace --add argument with --artwork
  • Replace --nodownload/-n with --readonly/-r
  • Fix: Foreign encoding in filenames


  • Remove --del option
  • Remove default clearart and clearlogo artwork - now need to be specified using --add
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