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Version 2.0.1
* Small library changes
Version 2.0.0
* Color Messages support!
* Multiple Permissions Support!
o PermissionsEx
o Permissions
* No version nagging!
* ASync Tasks instead of Sync Tasks (possible performance increase)
Version 1.1.5
* Implemented a configurable warning message!
o See configuration file for "config.messagewarn" and command "save warn"
o If warning time is sent to 0 (config.warntime or command save warn), then there will be no warning. The broadcast setting does not affect this message.
* Added console logging whenever broadcasts are sent.
o Anything players see SHOULD also be seen on console - this should now happen. Broadcasts can be disabled/enabled with the command "save broadcast"
* Added soft version checking
o Warns when not running recommended builds (based upon their version signature) or simply reports the known version if all goes well.
Version 1.1.4
* Fixed possible overlap of the "save" command from other plugins *cough* WorldEdit *cough*
o autosave is now a new command that does exactly what save still does (save is an alias to autosave).
Version 1.1.3
* Added checks for proper CraftBukkit builds (ensures the server has the methods used)
Version 1.1.2
* Forced saves into the main thread
o Credit to Xon for his contribution.
* Fixed issue where debug statements were being logged even when debug mode was not enabled.
Version 1.1.1
* Fixed Null Pointer Exception on first start
Version 1.1.0
* Significant changes!
* Support for Multi-World saves
o Default all worlds save, however configurable per world
* Support for Player Saves
* Refactored Configuration File (old configurations will update)
* Added debug mode to remove unnecessary console messages unless needed
Version 1.0.3
* Slight modifications to support latest Bukkit/Minecraft
* Requires CraftBukkit 423+
Version 1.0.2
* Updated per recent changes to Bukkit constructor changes.
Version 1.0.1
* Typos in configuration file
Version 1.0.0
* Added support for permissions (yay!)
* All messages are user defined via configuration file!
* Added additional commands:
o /save status
o /save toggle
o /save interval
o /save broadcast
o /save version
Version 0.0.4
* Fix properties file generation on first run
Version 0.0.3
* Configurable announcement message
* Toggle the use of the broadcast message
* Configuration file now writes on start if no file is found
Version 0.0.2
* Default is now 300 seconds (5 minutes)
* Interval is now logged on Thread Start
Version 0.0.1
* Initial functionality and first release!