Slides and demo resources presented at HITCON 2014 & XCON 2014-"Guess Where I am-Android模拟器躲避的检测与应对"
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The slides and related demo resources of my presentation at HITCON 2014 and XCON 2014-"Guess Where I am-Android模拟器躲避的检测与应对".


  • HITCON/Demo/ - Demo source code
  • HITCON/Resources/ - The Fake Facebook malware, modified build.prop, /proc/tty/drivers and toolbox file
  • HITCON/Guess Where I am-Android模拟器躲避的检测与应对.pdf - My slides presented at HITCON 2014.
  • XCON-My slides and demo code at XCON 2014.


To run the demo code you need:

  1. XposedInstaller
  2. adbi