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Ansible role for Red Hat 7 STIG Baseline
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Galaxy Build Status

This role is still under active development.

Configure a RHEL 7 system to be DISA STIG compliant. CAT I findings will be corrected and audited by default. CAT II and III findings can be enabled by setting the appropriate variables to yes.

This role is based on RHEL 7 DISA STIG: Version 1, Rel 4 released on January 26, 2018.


RHEL 7 or CentOS 7 - Other versions are not supported.

passlib >= 1.5 on the control node (1.6.5 is available in RHEL and CentOS as python-passlib)

jmespath on the control node (available in RHEL and CentOS as python2-jmespath)

Role Variables

Name Default Value Description
rhel7stig_cat1_patch yes Correct CAT I findings
rhel7stig_cat2_patch yes Correct CAT II findings
rhel7stig_cat3_patch yes Correct CAT III findings
rhel_07_###### see defaults/main.yml Individual variables to enable/disable each STIG ID.
rhel7stig_gui no Whether or not to run tasks related to auditing/patching the desktop environment
rhel7stig_system_is_router no Run tasks that disable router functions.
rhel7stig_antivirus_required no Run tasks related to Anit-Virus package installation.
rhel7stig_av_package see defaults/main.yml Anti-virus package(s) to install and service to start and enable.
rhel7stig_time_service chronyd Set to ntpd or chronyd.
rhel7stig_time_service_configs see defaults/main.yml Time service packages and service configs.
rhel7stig_firewall_service firewalld Set to firewalld or iptables.
rhel7stig_vsftpd_required no If set to no, remove vsftpd.
rhel7stig_tftp_required no If set to no, remove tftp client and server packages.
rhel7stig_autofs_required no If set to no, disable autofs service.
rhel7stig_kdump_required no If set to no, disable kdump service.
rhel7stig_snmp_community Endgam3Ladyb0g SNMP community string that will replace public and private in snmpd.conf.
rhel7stig_bootloader_password Boot1tUp! GRUB2 bootloader password. This should be stored in an Ansible Vault.
rhel7stig_boot_superuser root Used to set the boot superuser in the GRUB2 config.
rhel7stig_boot_password_config see defaults/main.yml GRUB2 bootloader password configuration.
rhel7stig_aide_cron see defaults/main.yml AIDE Cron settings
rhel7stig_maxlogins 10 Set maximum number of simultaneous system logins (RHEL-07-040000)
rhel7stig_logon_banner see defaults/main.yml Logon banner displayed when logging in to the system. Defaults to nicely formatted standard logon banner.
rhel7stig_password_complexity see below for specific settings Dictionary of password complexity settings
rhel7stig_password_complexity.ucredit -1 Minimum number of upper-case characters to be set in a new password - expressed as a negative number.
rhel7stig_password_complexity.lcredit -1 Minimum number of lower-case characters to be set in a new password - expressed as a negative number.
rhel7stig_password_complexity.dcredit -1 Minimum number of numeric characters to be set in a new password - expressed as a negative number.
rhel7stig_password_complexity.ocredit -1 Minimum number of special characters to be set in a new password - expressed as a negative number.
rhel7stig_password_complexity.difok 8 Minimum number of characters in new password that must not be present in the old password.
rhel7stig_password_complexity.minclass 4 Minimum number of required classes of characters for the new password. (digits, upper, lower, other)
rhel7stig_password_complexity.maxrepeat 3 Maximum number of allowed same consecutive characters in a new password.
rhel7stig_password_complexity.maxclassrepeat 4 Maximum number of allowed same consecutive characters in the same class in the new password.
rhel7stig_password_complexity.minlen 15 Minimum number of characters in a new password.
rhel7stig_shell_session_timeout file: /etc/profile timeout: 600 Dictionary of session timeout setting and file (TMOUT setting can be set in multiple files)



Example Playbook

- hosts: servers
    - role: rhel7-stig
        - ansible_os_family == 'RedHat'
        - ansible_distribution_major_version | version_compare('7', '=')



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