fps and memory counter for Actionscript3 with advanced features like dragging, minimize and in detail execution time monitoring.
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Advanced Hi-Res-Stats


  • fps counter.
  • current and max memory counters.
  • frame 'work' time (in ms) counter.
  • Graph of fps,frame time,memory counters.
  • increase/decrease width of Stats graph with mouse wheel.
  • Monitoring feature. (shows frame code execution time and frame render time.)
  • Minimize stats to compact mode. (graph is still drawn in background.)
  • can be dragged.
  • buttons to change fps count and toggle monitoring feature, and minimize.
  • Context menu


Advanced Stats


Advanced Stats Context menu


Monitoring feature

Monitoring feture is added to better understand how your application performes.

  • Yellow vertical line shows how much total time your frame has for code execution and rendering. If you go over this line your frame rate will drop.
  • Red graph will show how much time your running code takes.
  • Green graph will show how much time your application takes to render stage view, AND idle time if any.
  • If you have performance problems - check this graph. It will show how much and then your application is stessed out on executing code or rendering your view.



this.addChild(new Stats());

Make it bigger, smallest possible value is 70.(width):

addChild(new Stats(150));

Change initial position (x, y):

addChild(new Stats(150, 10, 20));

Make it minimized(isMinimized):

addChild(new Stats(150, 10, 20, true));	

Make it not draggable(isDraggable):

addChild(new Stats(150, 10, 20, false, false));		

Enable monitoring feature(isMonitoring):

addChild(new Stats(150, 10, 20, false, true, true));

Scale it easily(scale):

addChild(new Stats(150, 10, 20, false, true, true, 2));	

OR :

var stats:Stats = new Stats();
stats.width = 150;
stats.x = 10;
stats.y = 20;
//stats.isMinimized = true;
//stats.isDraggable = false;
stats.isMonitoring = true;
//stats.scale = 2;


  • BUTTONS plus/minus - changes frame per second speed application is running.
  • BUTTON toggle monitoring. - toggle monitoring feature(tracks execution and rendering time in ms)
  • BUTTON toggle mode - switch between minimized and maximized modes.
  • Mouse wheel. - increase/decrease width of Stats graph.
  • Drag - drags if dragging is enabled.
  • RIGHT CLICK opens context menu.