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UI control to play a music and indicate its progress for iOS
Objective-C Ruby
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EECircularMusicPlayerControl is a UI control to play a music and indicate its progress. It's easy to use in your project, and supports customization of the colors applied to the component parts.



Copy the files in "EECircularMusicPlayerControl" directory to your project.


First, create a class that conforms to EECircularMusicPlayerControlDelegate protocol, which has currentTime method. Usually it can be a UIViewController where an EECircularMusicPlayerControl is placed.

Then, set delegate property of the EECircularMusicPlayerControl.

self.yourCircularMusicPlayerControl.delegate = self; // Or any delegate.

At last, set duration property of the control.

self.yourCircularMusicPlayerControl.duration = self.yourAudioPlayer.duration;

That's all you have to do! The example app in "EECircularMusicPlayerExample" directory shows a practical example to use the control with AVAudioPlayer. There is another way to use EECircularMusicPlayerControl without the delegate. Refet to example #2 in the example app to see how to use it without the delegate.


The following properties can be customized to make your own appearance:

  • progressTrackRatio
  • trackTintColor
  • highlightedTrackTintColor
  • progressTintColor
  • highlightedProgressTintColor
  • buttonTopTintColor
  • highlightedButtonTopTintColor
  • buttonBottomTintColor
  • highlightedButtonBottomTintColor
  • iconColor
  • highlightedIconColor


The following features shall be implemented in the next update. If you implement one of the features, please feel free to send a pull request.

  • Add paused state. Current version has only playing and stopped states.
  • Add shadow or gradient effects to draw the control. Currently it's filled with solid colors.



EECircularMusicPlayerControl contains DACircularProgress by Daniel Amitay available under MIT license. Refer to "" and "" files in "DACircularProgress" directory for more information.

XTC of Gold (Sample Audio)

The example project contains the music "XTC of Gold" by Beatnabob, also known as Jimdubtrix, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs license.


EECircularMusicPlayerControl is available under MIT license. Refer to "LICENSE.txt" file for details.


If you are going to use EECircularMusicPlayerControl in your project, proper attribution would be nice.

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