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This is my Fluxbox configuration which works on Devuan ASCII base. In this repo you will find .fluxbox folder. It’s the folder where the fluxbox configurations stored. There is several files & a directory inside it.

In .scripts directory you will find various files - wrapper scripts and little toys for terminal fun :)

In In this repo you will find Gtk2/3 themes (Fantome, Lumiere, Noita, Ocha, Tee, Vestica, Charma-Nightingale, Charma-Ype, Forest-Dark, Forest-Darker and Forest-Light) and icons (Arc, Canta, ePapirus, Numix, Numix-Circle, Numix-Circle-Light, Numix-Light, Papirus, Papirus-Adapta, Papirus-Adapta-Nokto, Papirus-Dark and Papirus-Light). These themes and icons are very relevant to the overall picture.

In .utility folder you will find scripts for capturing videos of your dektop So you don't need any external program. You just need ffmpeg and mkv codec, mostly autoinstalled when you have a multimedia player like Smplayer. To use this, just launch the sript record. The video will be saved in ~/Videos/record.mkv. Rename it first before taking another recording session 😀

To stop recording, just navigate to script stop-recording and launch it.

The terminal (urxvt) and Fluxbox theme uses several custom bitmap fonts. These fonts is in .fonts directory. I also added config for these fonts (the file ~/.fonts.conf). Without this file, fonts will not look like this in the picture. For complete instruction how to activate these fonts in your system, check this great article. Also for this fonts big thanks to this wonderful person-Adhi Pambudi. Keep a good work!


Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot