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Cosigner ✍️

Fastlane plugin which enables iOS workflows to change the Xcode project's code signing settings before building a target, being your "cosigner".

Why do I need it? 🤔

This action is especially useful to avoid having to configure the Xcode project with a "static" set of code signing configurations for:

  • Code Signing Style (Xcode8+): Manual / Automatic (originally Provisioning Style on Xcode 8)
  • Code Signing Identity: iPhone Development / iPhone Distribution
  • Provisioning Profile UUID (Xcode 7 and earlier)
  • Provisioning Profile Name (Xcode8+)
  • Team ID
  • Application Bundle identifier

By being able to configure this before each build (e.g. gym call), it allows having separate sets of code signing configurations on the same project without being "intrusive".

Some practical scenarios can be for example:

  • Xcode project in which two different Apple Developer accounts/teams are required (e.g. 1 for Development and 1 for Release)
  • Shared Xcode project where teams have different code signing configurations (e.g. Automatic vs Manual Provisioning Style)

How to use it? 👀

  1. Run fastlane add_plugin cosigner on your project folder.
  2. Invoke cosigner in your Fastfile and provide the required options.
  3. Enjoy your new dynamic code signing setup!

Available options 🛠

Option Description Environment Variable Default Optional
xcodeproj_path The Xcode project's path PROJECT_PATH
scheme The Xcode project's scheme SCHEME
build_configuration Build configuration ("Debug", "Release", ...) BUILD_CONFIGURATION
code_sign_style Code signing style ("Automatic", "Manual ") (Xcode 8+, previously provisioning_style) CODE_SIGN_STYLE (previously PROVISIONING_STYLE) "Manual"
code_sign_identity Code signing identity type ("iPhone Development", "iPhone Distribution") CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY "iPhone Distribution"
profile_name Provisioning profile name to use for code signing (Xcode 8+) PROVISIONING_PROFILE_SPECIFIER
profile_uuid Provisioning profile UUID to use for code signing (Xcode 7 and earlier) PROVISIONING_PROFILE ✔️
development_team Development team identifier TEAM_ID
bundle_identifier Application Product Bundle Identifier APP_IDENTIFIER ✔️

Example usage 🔍




lane :build do
  app_identifier = ""
  configuration = "Release"

  match(type: "adhoc", app_identifier: app_identifier)

    build_configuration: configuration,
    profile_name: ENV['sigh_' + app_identifier + '_adhoc_profile-name'],
    profile_uuid: ENV['sigh_' + app_identifier + '_adhoc']

    configuration: configuration,
    export_options: {
      method: "ad-hoc"

Precautions ⚠️

Please be aware that cosigner effectively modifies your Xcode project file, so be careful if your workflow commits changes to source control, or if steps further down your pipeline can be affected by the resulting modifications.

Contributing 🙌


With ❤️ from Mindera 🤓

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