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#! ========================================
#! GitHub
Discord = require 'discord.js'
request = require 'request'
asyncReq = (options) ->
new Promise (resolve, reject) ->
request options, (err, response, body) ->
if not err and (200 <= response.statusCode < 400)
return resolve({response, body})
reject({err, response, body})
#! ========================================
#! Message handler
handler = (msg, match, H) ->
repo = match.input.tokenize()[1]
if not repo
return msg.reply [
"Use `-h github` followed by GitHub repo you want me to look up."
"I can look up any GitHub repository if you use
`-h github` followed by the user or organization, a slash,
then the repository name."
"You’re missing a few arguments. Try `-h help github` if
you forgot this command’s syntax."
options = {
url: "" + repo
method: "GET"
headers: {
"User-Agent": "Node.js #{process.version} on Ubuntu 16.04"
"Content-Type": "application/json"
asyncReq options
.then (payload) ->
data = JSON.parse payload.body
console.log data
stars = (+data.stargazers_count or "None").toLocaleString()
forks = (+data.forks or "None").toLocaleString()
issues = (+data.open_issues or "None").toLocaleString()
#! coffeelint: disable=max_line_length
embed = new Discord.RichEmbed()
.setColor '#448aff'
.setTitle data.full_name
.setDescription data.description
.setURL data.html_url
.setThumbnail data.owner.avatar_url
.addField "Language", data.language, yes
.addField "License", data.license?.name or "None?", yes
.addField "Default Branch", data.default_branch, yes
.addField "Stargazers", stars, yes
.addField "Forks", forks, yes
.addField "Open issues", issues, yes
.setFooter "Last updated"
.setTimestamp new Date data.updated_at
# .addField "Last updated", "`#{lastUpdated}`", no
# .setFooter "All times UTC"
#! coffeelint: enable=max_line_length embed
.catch (err) ->
if err?.response?.statusCode is 404
msg.reply [
"That repository wasn’t found. Make sure you’ve spelled
the repository name correctly and try again."
"I couldn’t find that repository. Double-check the repository
name and try again."
"I got a 404 error. Make sure you’ve spelled
everything correctly and try again."
console.log err
msg.reply [
"Sorry, but an unexpected error occurred."
"An unexpected error ocurred. Sorry about that."
module.exports = {
name: "GitHub"
regex: /^(github|git)(\s+|$)/i
handler: handler
help: {
short: "-h github <..> ::
Get information on any GitHub repository."
long: """
=== Help for GitHub ===
*Aliases*: github, git
-h github <owner/repo> :: Retrieve information about a GitHub \
Some examples:
-h github lodash/lodash
-h github MindfulMinun/discord-haruka
-h github TheTimgor/sadbot
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