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#! ========================================
#! Restart
handler = (msg, match, Haruka) ->
force = match.input.tokenize()[1]
if in Haruka.config.ops
if /^(-f|--force)$/.test force
return msg.reply [
"lmao i'm dead"
"i can’t drown my pm2 daemons, they know how to swim"
.then -> process.exit()
return msg.reply "
Halting is a really dangerous command. Calling it will halt the
Haruka proccess, and Haruka may not be restarted automatically.
If you understand what you're actually doing, please run
`-h halt --force` or `-h halt -f`.
msg.reply [
"You’re not a Haruka op, so I can’t let you do that."
"You can’t do that, that’s illegal."
"I refuse to let myself be controlled
by the likes of you."
module.exports = {
name: "Restart"
regex: /^(halt|restart)(\s+|$)/i
handler: handler
hidden: yes
long: """
=== Help for Halt ===
*Aliases*: halt, restart
-h halt :: Halts Haruka \
(Must have super-rare™ permissions)
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