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BungeeCord - BarelyAuthenticated edition

A simple fork that has fallback measures on redis for when mojang craps out. Build for BlockParty by barelyalive. It works by caching gameprofiles based on player's ip address and name, when the Mojang api is detected to be unstable, it'll fall back on its own cache Redis to accept players who joined before. New players won't be able to join until mojang is back up.

Depends on

Redis, ofcourse.


The following options will be added and required to be filled in in your bungeecord config.yml:

  • mojangFailsBeforeFallback (int) The amount of times mojang is allowed to fail before falling back to REDIS.
  • mojangSuccessesBeforeOnline (int) The amount of times mojang should succeed before we switch back to their session server
  • mojangAttemptInterval (int) is the join interval for re-attempts to mojang. Defaults to 20, so for every 20 NEW players that try to join, one will get an actual mojang attemp. This can impact performance in scenarios where you have an absolute ass load of players trying to login at once so keep it as high as possible.
  • preferRedisAuthentication (boolean) If the redis is prefered for authentication. If so, it'll always check redis first for a cached profile even when the server is online, and possibly only fall back to mojang for unknown players (given that mojangs state is online). This will greatly reduce the amount of requests to mojang but will also load the redis heavily with storage and requests. WARNING: Defaults to TRUE!
  • redisIpStorageExpiery (int) The amount of seconds for which to cache player profiles (in seconds), defaults to 12 hours because thats the anonymous GDPR limit
  • redisPort (int) The port to your magical redis server
  • redisHost (String) the hostname for your magical redis server
  • redisPassword (String) your redis password. Set to "none" to connect without authentication (which is the default)
  • redisDatabase (int) The database index to use, defaults to 15
  • redisUsesSSL (boolean) If redis should connect over TLS with your redis server. Defaults to false. I don't know why you would want to but you can.


  • Using the preferRedisAuthentication will seriously load your redis server if you have a big server. Note that we used a mid-tier AWS redis, but you need to see what's right for you.
  • I don't hold any rights for BungeeCord itself, that goes to md_5 and other contributors.
  • This fork contains the Waterfall patches, I don't hold any rights for those.
  • Because the server will use a fallback in case of a mojang outage, skins will not update (or possibly even be showing an old skin)
  • If redis is prefered, skinds will take longer to update
  • At its core, it's still bungeecord. All bungeecord plugins (even auth based ones like LuckPerms) will work perfectly fine


If this came in handy, please consider donating at If you need any help, just contact me.


A simple bungeecord-proxy fork that prefers in-house authentication systems based on Redis instead of Mojang to prevent outages and flooding rate limits







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