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#Coding, camping, yoga and exploration in the Himalayas

##April 4th -May 20th 2016 Leading into May 21 to June 5

####Applications are now closed :( ##Come to!!!

CodeCamp is a peer to peer environment to facilitate

####Applications are now closed for the 2016 CodeCamp. ###Application

Location and travel

The host is Infinity Hackbase, at Ghoomakad, village Rakkar in the laps of majestic Dhauladhar range of Dharamsala, India. You can find the location on Google Maps or Open Street Map.

For travel tips, visit this page.

Cost for full time attendees

Total cost on camp (three meals, camp stay, internet, facilities) for six weeks, per attendee is expected to stay around Rs. 15000. This is just to cover the misc. expenses of the program. The organizers do not earn any money from this. Here's a detailed breakdown of the expenses:

Cost for day scholars

For day scholars the cost to camp should be around Rs. 2000 for six weeks including 1 meal a day.

Scholarships are available for Himachali students

For Himachali learners from financially poor background, there can be a partial or full waiver of the fee. Will be great if you can still contribute towards your food by bring in rice or daal from your farm (if you have one)

###Morning programming practice: HackerRank & CodeAcademy Freeman will conduct daily sessions helping beginners learn programming by taking classes on CodeAcademy and doing challenges on HackerRank. His background is with Java, but can help beginners in other languages get started as well. Also, experienced programmers will be present as assistant mentors in this session. Those interested in web development are advised to follow Free Code Camp

###CodeForIndia X-Prize Submission Freeman will also be coordinating a number of volunteers to help develop an Android application to help kids learn math and language skills. While we can use a variety of different skills from Java to illustration on this project, absolute beginners should first gain experience working on smaller projects Ayush will help organize.

Projects - open source or own!

Read me!! Suggested projects and details of the session During the 2:30 - 4:30 PM slot, we will do projects. A suggested list of projects is being compiled. You can also Propose a project on the same thread.

For advanced programmers, they can participate in house projects on JS/elasticsearch/React stack by Infinity hackbase including LifeMaker - hybrid android app, Epicsearch.

For beginners, we will pick up small projects, like making your own webpage - responsive and with interesting little javascript tweaks and widgets. At the end of the event, there will be demo of whatever we have accomplished during the month. Our github profiles will reflect the accomplishments and we will feel good about them :)

You can work on personal, closed source projects too. Contribution to open source is encouraged, but not a strict condition. Peer to peer learning is a main focus of the camp.

Flaura and Fauna of Rakkar

An interesting project is that of collection of birds and plants spotted in Rakkar area, by children of the village and anyone else who wants to join in! This collection will be fed into an information management system and hosted online as an ongoing project of the village lab. You can find the details of all projects here

####Daily Schedule

You will find the daily schedule on this page.

###Apply here

That's about it for now. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to start a discussion on our github issues page

This is a partnership between Jaaga Study and Infinity space