Radial ProgressBar inspired by Apple Watch OS. It is highly Customisable
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alt text

Radial Progress Bar

Radial ProgressBar inspired by Apple Watch OS. It is highly Customisable

Preview of Radial Progress Bar

Mindorks Mindorks Community License

Getting Started

Step 1. Add the JitPack repository to your Add it in your root build.gradle at the end of repositories:
allprojects {
    repositories {
   	   maven { url 'https://jitpack.io' }
Step 2. Add the dependency
dependencies {
	        implementation 'com.github.MindorksOpenSource:RadialProgressBar:v1.1'
Step3. To use this in XML File, use

Step 4. Link the XML in Activity File using,
val radialProgressBar = findViewById(R.id.progress_view)


RadialProgressBar rpb = findViewById(R.id.progress_view) //if using Java

thats it and how you can use the RadialProgressView in your project.

To Customise it according to your need you can use,

Feature XML Activity (Java/Koltin) Default
Set Start Angle OuterView app:outerProgressStartAngle="angle" rpb.setStartAngleOuterView(angle) 270
Set Start Angle CenterView app:centerProgressStartAngle="angle" rpb.setStartAngleCenterView(angle) 270
Set Start Angle InnerView app:innerProgressStartAngle="angle" rpb.setStartAngleInnerView(angle) 270
Set EmptyProgressColorOuterView app:outerEmptyProgressColor="color" rpb.setEmptyProgressColorOuterView(color) #F5F5F5
Set EmptyProgressColorCenterView app:centerEmptyProgressColor="color" rpb.setEmptyProgressColorCenterView(color) #F5F5F5
Set EmptyProgressColorInnerView app:innerEmptyProgressColor="color" rpb.setEmptyProgressColorInnerView(color) #F5F5F5
Set MaxProgressOuterView app:outerMaxProgress="Integer" rpb.setMaxProgressOuterView(Integer) 100
Set MaxProgressCenterView app:centerMaxProgress="Integer" rpb.setMaxProgressCenterView(Integer) 100
Set MaxProgressInnerView app:innerMaxProgress="Integer" rpb.setMaxProgressInnerView(Integer) 100
Set OuterProgress app:outerProgress="Integer" rpb.setOuterProgress(Integer) 0
Set CenterProgress app:centerProgress="Integer" rpb.setCenterProgress(Integer) 0
Set InnerProgress app:innerProgress="Integer" rpb.setInnerProgress(Integer) 0
Set OuterProgressColor app:outerProgressColor="color" rpb.setOuterProgressColor(color) #f52e67
Set CenterProgressColor app:centerProgressColor="color" rpb.setCenterProgressColor(color) #c2ff07
Set InnerProgressColor app:innerProgressColor="color" rpb.setInnerProgressColor(color) #0dffab
Set Elevation app:hasElevation="true/false" rpb.hasElevation(true/false) false
Set EmptyProgressBar app:hasEmptyProgressBar="true/false" rpb.hasEmptyProgressBar(true/false) false
Set Animation app:isAnimationOn="true/false" rpb.setAnimationInProgressView(true/false) true
Set RoundedCorner app:useRoundedCorners="true/false" rpb.useRoundedCorners(true/false) true
Set ProgressValues ---- rpb.setProgressValues(int,int,int) ----
Set MaxProgressValues ---- rpb.setMaxProgressValues(int,int,int) ----
Set Only OuterProgress app:hasOneProgressView="true/false" rpb.setOneProgressView(true/false) false
Set Only Outer and CenterProgress app:hasTwoProgressView="true/false" rpb.setTwoProgressView(true/false) false

**angle = 0/90/180/270

You can also get value related to the RadialProgressView,

Feature Value
Get Outer Progress rpb.getOuterProgress()
Get Inner Progress rpb.getInnerProgress()
Get Center Progress rpb.getCenterProgress()
Get Start Angle OuterProgress rpb.getStartAngleOuterView()
Get Start Angle InnerProgress rpb.getStartAngleInnerView()
Get Start Angle CenterProgress rpb.getStartAngleCenterView()
Get Start Angle OuterProgress rpb.getMaxProgressOuterView()
Get Start Angle InnerProgress rpb.getMaxProgressInnerView()
Get Start Angle CenterProgress rpb.getMaxProgressCenterView()


- If using One progressbar, user can also have an option to display the value in text

If this library helps you in anyway, show your love ❤️ by putting a ⭐️ on this project ✌️

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