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Mine Little Pony

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Turns players and mobs into ponies.


  1. JDK 17 is required. Install it using

  2. Open a terminal window in the same directory as the sources (git clone or extracted from zip). Run the following command (windows).

gradlew build
  1. After some time, the built mod will be in /build/libs.


Fabric (And FabricAPI) are required. Please refer to their installation instructions here and come back once you have Fabric functioning.

Once you have fabric installed, simply download the MineLittlePony-version.jar for your particular version from the releases page and place it into your mods folder next to the fabric-api jar and (optionally) the hdskins jar.

Remember to use the fabric launcher profile when starting the game!


Stable Releases Channel:

Unstable Snapshot Channel:

Dependency: com.minelittlepony:MineLittlePony:<version>-1.15.2

Check releases for the most recent release version or the for most recent snapshot version.