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image grab

A set of programs to enable an "image grab" type site.

How it works (when set up)

  1. You locate an image you want to see, that is blocked (for whatever reason) where you're trying to look at it.
  2. You go on the server you're running the grab on, and run grabimg <url>.
  3. It spits out a URL you can use to see the image.
  4. Once the image has been in the grab for about 1 hour, it's deleted. Goodbye!

How to set it up

Put grabimg and rawurlme in your ~/bin directory, making sure to change PATH to your image grab directory in grabimg and properly setting up rawurlme.

Put grab_expire_cron somewhere, and then add a line to your crontab like so:

*/15 * * * * /path/to/grab_expire_cron

This will check every 15 minutes for files that have existed for over an hour, and delete them. For extra granularity, you can lower the check to every 5 minutes, or even set it to check every minute.

Congrats! Your image grab is now functional!

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