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Factions Inferno - December 7th

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## December 7th 2018 ##

### Changes ###
- Added a Mars world (A flat red sandstone world with a 3k border radius)
- Changed the End world to be flat
- Disabled claiming in the nether world (was previously allowed)
- Allowed claiming in the end (was previously disallowed)
- Added void damage when you go above the upper bedrock layer in the nether
- Removed Cyborg custom enchant (Strength 4 from our testing was insanely strong and unfair)
- Added a Mars spawn (Same one as overworld spawn due to time constraints)
- Added a End spawn (Same one as overworld spawn due to time constraints)
- Removed the top donator leaderboard in spawn
- Added a top KOTH wins leaderboard in spawn
- Added a KOTH crate (keys are rewarded on winning a koth)
- Added 4 KOTHs (2 in the overworld, one in the end world, one in the mars world)
- Moved mcMMO to MySQL (resulting in performance increases and significantly shorter reboot times)
- Optimized reboot process (Takes only ~12 seconds to shutdown and ~12 seconds to bootup)
- Increased EXP requirements to level up in mcMMO to encourage more grinding (Exponential instead of Linear now)
- Added a seasonal crate (A crate that will give you a ton of items to improve player experience)
- Added Trench Pickaxes (was missing before)
- Added Trench Shovels (Just encase you need to clear a lot of dirt for whatever reason)
- Decreased minecraft EXP from killing stacks (Adding more grind to acquire custom enchantments)
- Shorten grace period from 1 week to 5 days (Added 50 dollars ($25 USD PayPal + $25 USD Gift Card) to the first week F-Top due to this change)
- Recolored all holograms to improve readability
- Vote parties will now only grant a single vote key when they occur (Every 500 votes)

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