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UltimateArena is a completely customizable arena plugin with 10 different arena types and a comphrenehsive API. Players fight to the death and are rewarded with configurable rewards and money! Every aspect of this plugin is configurable!

Development Builds

Development builds of UltimateArena can be found at our Jenkins server:

Useful Links


  • 10 arena types (CTF, MobArena, ConquestArena, King of The Hill arena, Bomb Arena, FFA arena, Spleef arena, PvPArena, Hunger arena, and Infect arena)
  • Completely configurable, everything from messages to kill streaks to rewards.
  • Comprehensive API for adding custom arena types
  • Join, status, and leaderboard signs
  • Class selection GUI
  • In-game scoreboard
  • And lots more!

Default Arena Types

  • PvP - Like a TDM arena
  • Mob - Survive wave after wave of mobs
  • Conquest - Conquest styled game from Battlefield 3
  • King of the Hill (KOTH) - FFA King of the hill, you need to stand on a point for an accumulative 60 seconds to win
  • Bomb - TDM arena, red team is attacking bomb points, blue team is defending them. To cap a point, stand on it for 10 second, to defend a point, stand on it for 10 seconds.
  • FFA - Every one for themselves, in a stock FFA match, users have 4 lives, the last one alive wins
  • Spleef - Players attempt to break blocks below their opponents to kill them. Last one alive wins
  • Hunger - Based off of the popular book/movie, players spawn in a large arena and fight to the death using materials they find in the wild. Last player alive wins
  • Infect - 1 player spawns as the "infected", their goal is to kill all the "living"
  • CTF - Players are split into two teams. The goal is to capture the other team's flag and bring it back to their own base


UltimateArena works great with SwornGuns! Most of the default classes come with ready-to-fire guns! Download it here:


Please follow the contribution guidelines when reporting bugs!

Report issues here: