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Code of the German Minecraft server

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  1. Bukkit/Spigot/Paper based Minecraft server used by

    Shell 19 2

  2. Bukkit plugin to find groups of entities and tile entities. Ideal to detect XP farms or pesky hopper sorter!

    Java 5 3

  3. [Experimental] Bukkit cross server inventory syncing using redis and OpenInv | Provided without support nor warranty! (See GPLv3 license)

    Java 5

  4. Forked from Minecrell/ServerListPlus

    ServerListPlus with easy RGB colors on 1.16+ Spigot/Bungee/Velocity and backwards compatibility for older clients! More Info and Downloads:

    Java 7 4

  5. Simple Minebench Spigot & Paper plugin made by Phoenix616 to limit farms and mob spawning depending on near mob count and spawn reason.

    Java 6 1

  6. Nerf Mending by making it limited by repair cost and limit to a max

    Java 2 1


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