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Public facing repo for MCP SRG mappings. All rights reserved.
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Public facing repo for MCP SRG mappings.

This is NOT intended for end users to use. This is NOT a replacement for MCP. This will NOT allow you to make Mods. DO NOT ASK. This is ONLY inteded for making part of the process of updating MC obfusication mappings public. As well as publishing those mappings to the Forge maven so that others may access them in a standard way.

You may NOT modify/rehost the mappings without express consent from either LexManos or Searge. You MAY make suggestions and fixes in the form of Issue reports and Pull Requests to this repo. There are other projects such as ForgeGradle that are designed for Modder facing development. This is not for people who don't know what this is.


How to Use:

This is basic gradle setup, read the gradle. This is INTENTIONALLY not holding your hand because this is a powerful tool that if used incorrectly can cause a lot of issues. Spend a few minuetes reading the gradle and you can figure things out.

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