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Nether Metals Mod
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###Nether Metals Build Status

( Info ) :

Nether Metals is an Addon for the mod Base Metals, it expands it to bring its ores to the Nether dimension.

It can fit perfectly in skyblock modpacks

This mod can make use of Base Metals (By: DrCyano) This mod can make use of Modern Metals (By: jriwanek)

( Vanilla Ores ):

  1. Nether Iron Ore
  2. Nether Lapis Ore
  3. Nether Redstone Ore
  4. Nether Coal Ore
  5. Nether Gold Ore
  6. Nether Diamond Ore
  7. Nether Emerald Ore

( Base Metals Ores ):

  1. Nether Copper Ore
  2. Nether Tin Ore
  3. Nether Lead Ore
  4. Nether Silver Ore
  5. Nether Zinc Ore
  6. Nether Nickel Ore
  7. Nether Mercury Ore
  8. Nether Platinum Ore
  9. Nether Antimony Ore
  10. Nether Bismuth Ore

( Modern Metals Ores ):

  1. Nether Aluminum Ore
  2. Nether Cadmium Ore
  3. Nether Chromium Ore
  4. Nether Iridium Ore
  5. Nether Magnesium Ore
  6. Nether Manganese Ore
  7. Nether Osmium Ore
  8. Nether Plutonium Ore
  9. Nether Rutile Ore
  10. Nether Tantalum Ore
  11. Nether Titanium Ore
  12. Nether Tungsten Ore
  13. Nether Uranium Ore
  14. Nether Zirconium Ore

( World ):

Nether Ores spawn only in the Nether

( Github ):

Check us on Github:

( Discord ):

We have a Discord server! You can join with the following invite link:

( Modpacks ):

Feel free to use it as long as you give credits and a link to this page. Optional: Let me know about it so I can check it out

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