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Establishes safe standards to reduce datapack conflicts
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Minecraft Phi - Shared Utilities for Minecraft Datapacks

Phi is a library of utilities for minecraft datapacks that intends to unify data storage and manipulation in minecraft 1.14+

Phi is split into multiple optional modules that each add some piece of functionality. There are plans to create a transpiler with direct support for Phi to ease the use of various advanced features.


Each module contains a datapack that can be added to the datapacks folder of your world. In the future some modules will not be able to be downloaded from the repo as they will require the transpiler, however for now all modules are currently distributable, meaning they are already in the standard datapack format.

Upon loading the world, or on /reload, players will be prompted to complete the setup by clicking on the message, which will show every 5 seconds until the setup is complete. This can only be done by operators, and causes the chunk at block (-30000000, 1600) to be force loaded (chunk -1875000, 100), in every dimension.


Phi adds 4 blocks to the world for various uses that are shared between datapacks:

  • (-30000000 0 1600): A jukebox with an item in it
  • (-30000000 0 1601): A command block running a function tag
  • (-30000000 0 1602): A shulker box
  • (-30000000 0 1603): A sign

Some bedrock is also placed directly above these blocks to protect them.
These blocks must not be destroyed by any datapack, at any point, for any reason.
The rest of the chunk, from y=2 and above, is freely available for any use by datapacks. However, these blocks can not be expected to remain untouched by other datapacks, this area is for temporary storage only.

Phi also uses an entity with the UUID of ec-0-0-0-1, for various utilities. At the end of every tick it will make sure the entity is in the loaded chunk, and has not been killed. DO NOT kill this entity, Phi and many datapacks using Phi rely on this entity existing. If you do kill this entity, it will be summoned again at the end of the tick, so everything should recover in one tick, but things may glitch or fail while this entity is dead.

More details on what these are used for, and what modules are currently available, see the Phi wiki

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