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Claim Management

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GriefPrevention is a plugin that provides self-service region protection functionality, giving you additional options to fine tune aspects such as door, chest, and build permissions for users or groups of users! Below some basic instructions for claim management for more fine tuned control over your claims check out the Flags page.

All the examples are with the defaults at the time of writing this in mind.

Claim Creation

There are three types of claims, admin, town and basic, with each having a 2D and 3D mode. To switch between types use /adminclaims, /townclaims and /basicclaims. Admin claims have no size limitations and different flags compared to basic claims which normal players can make. Towns can also be made by players, and supports the creation of basic claims within town claims. The two different modes, (3D and 2D) are defined in the way the claims are shaped. To switch between modes use /cuboidclaims: 2D claims will go from bedrock to max Y-level (Default 255). In 3D mode the Y-level is set depending on where exactly you clicked allowing for more control over your exact claim size.
For a player to claim chunks they need the permissions and enough claim-blocks for the size of their claim which can be configured with Options.

Golden Shovel

You create claims with a golden shovel (item can be changed in the configs), which can also change claim size and position. Remember there are commands to switch claim type and mode, /adminclaims, /townclaims and /basicclaims!

  • Creating a new claim: Right click at two points to mark the corners
  • Resizing a claim: Right click once in an existing claim to see the markers. Right click on a corner block and then again on a different position to move that corner.
  • Cancelling operations: Putting away a golden shovel without completing an operation cancels all actions

The shovel can also be used to subdivide a basic. To switch to that mode, use /claimsubdivide. All three main claim types support direct child claims (subdivisions) - Town, Admin and Basic.

Wooden stick

Basic tool, you can use it to indicate the position of claims, and identify who the owners of the claims are.

  • Right clicking shows existing claim locations
  • Shift right clicking searches for all claims in a 100 block radius and shows their location
  • Left clicking hides the markers

Claim Settings

To get general information about claims use /claiminfo while standing in them. Hover over things to find various details you can change directly without entering any commands. There are also commands to change the claim name, greeting, and farewell.

Allowing other players to access your claim

You can give other players access to your basic claim using the trust commands, e.g. to give your friend "Applehead" building permissions to your claim just run /trust Applehead.

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