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PocketGuard guards your chest against thieves.
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PocketGuard guards your chest against thieves.


  1. Drop it into your /plugins folder.
  2. Restart your server.

How to use

  1. Type a command
  2. Touch target chest

Console and OP Player commands

  • permission: pocketguard.command.spg
Command Parameter Description
/spg unlock all None Unlock all chests
/spg unlock a None Alias of /spg unlock all
/spg unlock player <username> Unlock all <username>'s chests
/spg unlock p <username> Alias of /spg unlock player <username>

Chat commands

  • permission:
Command Parameter Description
/pg lock None Lock target chest
/pg unlock None Unlock target chest
/pg passlock <passcode> Lock target chest by passcode
/pg passunlock <passcode> Unlock target chest by passcode.
/pg public None Make target chest public
/pg info None Investigate target chest


You can unlock your locked chest by just breaking

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