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Contents: Introduction | Structure | Usage

The server status configuration is very easy to use once you understand how it works. It was designed to allow the maximum possible customization, with a lot of features but still and easy and understandable syntax.

The configuration file is located in the plugin folder: ServerListPlus.yml.


The configuration is divided into 3 different configuration parts, you can probably find them yourself:

  • --- !Status - The server status configuration, customize all features here.
  • --- !Plugin - General settings for the plugin. This includes options for favicons and the player tracking. They are explained in the comment above the section.
  • --- !Core - This is a section you should never need to touch. It is only included to allow for maximum performance customization and bad changes could possibly break the server or the plugin. Use it at your own risk.


Like most configurations in the field of Bukkit and BungeeCord the plugin provides a YAML configuration. To make some of the features available on an easy way the syntax is used a bit different than in other plugins. Here is a list of things you need to know:

  • Comment lines start with #, they are as a small help in the configuration, however the explanations on the Wiki are more detailed and provide examples.

  • Unlike in other configurations we do not recommend using \n together with double quotes for new line - instead use a special YAML syntax that looks like this:

    Message: |-
             Hello! How are you?
             I'm fine, thanks!

    In this case, basicly | means multiple lines and - means no new line at the end. Including a 2 in the middle will allow for the use of colons. Example: |2-. When this is used together with list as commonly in the configuration it looks like this:

    - |-
      Hello! How are you?
      I'm fine, thanks!
  • You can use special characters directly in your configuration, however make sure to save it using the UTF-8 charset.