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Player Slots

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Contents: Introduction | Problems | Configuration | Examples

As of ServerListPlus v3.1, the plugin allows modifiying the format of the player slots in your server status ping. Here is an example:


While configuring the custom player slot format is quite easy, using that feature has also some downsides. If you want to use this feature, please take some minutes and make sure you understand them!

  • Your server version will be changed! The custom player slots are displayed at the place of the outdated server version. So it is basicly the same as pinging your server with an older client version. Some server lists may use it to display the Minecraft version of your server. This will no longer work.
  • The Minecraft client will display the server as outdated. This includes the red icon as seen in the example above. If they hover the icon it will display Client out of date or Incompatible version!. There is no way to fix that from the plugin - Mojang would need to fix that in the client.


Requires ServerListPlus v3.2.2 or newer. See the page history for older versions of the plugin. (Updating is recommended.)

You can customize your player slot format in the Players section of your server status configuration. Add Slots there with a list of player slots format you want to use. If you add multiple ones then one is randomly chosen.

To add the player count and maximum player count to your custom slot format you can use these placeholders (together with all of the others available in the configuration):

  • %online% - The current number of players on the server.
  • %max% - The maximum number of players allowed on the server.
  • %player% - The player's name (only if he has already logged in to the server one time!).


  • Colorize your player slots!

    1. Add the slot formatting to your Default configuration section:
        - '&7» &6&l%online%&c&l/&6&l%max%'
    1. Optional. Add a greeting to the player in front of the player slots:
      Add this to your Personalized configuration section:
        - '&aHey, %player%! &7» &6&l%online%&c&l/&6&l%max%'
  • Hide your player slots! There are two different ways how you can do it:

    • Safer but less customizable. This one doesn't have the problems mentioned above. You should consider using it instead of the more customizable one. However, if you also want to use the player hover message you should use the other way instead as this is not possible using this one.

      Just set Hidden to yes or true in your Players configuration section and you're already done:

          Hidden: yes
    • More customizable. This one is just an empty custom player slot format as described above.

          - ''