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Mineserver 2.0

Mineserver 2.0 Preview

Forum Announcement


We've learnt a lot from writing the first version of Mineserver. One of those lessons was that to maintain a large application, it's necessary to design the application with the right concepts in mind from the very start. This was one of the driving forces behind the rewrite for 2.0. To that end, we've tried breaking up the new codebase into smaller, self contained pieces, while maintaining the speed and efficiency Mineserver is known for.


This is very much a work in progress! MS1 is still more functional and works with latest Minecraft client. We'll be slowly pulling in bits of code from the original Mineserver repository to make this functional.

Planned features

  • Cleaner code - cohesive, isolated modules make hacking on Mineserver a breeze!
  • Better design - many advanced features that were all but impossible before are now simple!
  • Neater installation - getting started with Mineserver has never been easier!
  • Virtual hosting - host more than one server on the same IP and port!
  • Distributed hosting - spread the load of your game over multiple cores or even physical machines!
  • Plugin repository - find all the best plugins in one convenient place!
  • Multiple protocols - use any Minecraft client!
  • Game hibernation - no resources used while no players are connected!
  • Remote API - interact with Mineserver from any application that can speak JSON!
  • Rich administrative tools - delegate administration of your games over multiple admin tiers!


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated and new contributors are always welcome. We can be contacted in any of the following ways: