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Our mod project for #modjam 4
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Elemental Caves Mod

Our mod project for #modjam 4


Elemental Caves are new "underground biomes" that generate within the Overworld's labyrinth tunnels. At the moment, there are three varieties of these caves: Ice, Fire, and Forest. However, we have many others planned for the future.

While the caves differ vastly in blocks and effects, three main things are consistent between each cave type: each has a new stone type, a transformative crystal, and a tool and armor set.

When playing survival mode, it is recommended that you start out in the Forest Cave, and then work your way up to the Ice and then Fire Caves, which are more difficult to traverse.

KNOWN BUGS: Sometimes, world generation might take a while. Sometimes, chunks may not load. Just simply reload your world.

For more information, visit the official mod features list here:

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