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@Delocuro Delocuro released this Jan 14, 2020

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...wait, have I used this update title before? Sure sounds familiar -- hope I'm not plagiarizing anyone...

A full two and a half years after Vanilla did it, Minestrapp is having a color-centric update of its own! Very timely and original, I know. 5.7.5 is partially a hot tepid-fix for some issues that were found in 5.7.0, but true to form, it also comes with no small amount of irresponsible feature-creeping! Who needs stability when you can keep cramming content in there and then get surprised when everything breaks, am I right?

5.7.5 features two new generated plants -- Carpet Glow Moss, and Creeping Glow Moss -- which, in addition to their Hanging variant in the Nether, can be crafted into various colored Glow Dyes! Glow Dye can be used to craft a multitude of decor blocks, just like normal Dye. Unlike normal Dye, however, Glow-Dyed blocks ignore their surrounding light levels, appearing vividly bright at all times, despite only emitting a very low light level. A number of other existing blocks and items, including Glowshrooms and Clutchthorn, can be crafted into Glow Dyes as well, providing even more reasons to diversify your crops.

The update also fixes a number of bugs, including some long-overdue Magnet Piston stability fixes, more JEI support, and of course the infamous Berry-spam glitch that made its triumphant return in 5.7.0.

This update's a relatively small one, but it may be one of the final 1.12.2 builds of the mod! As we begin transitioning over to 1.15, my focus will be shifting from adding new content to simply making sure the 1.12 build is as stable and enjoyable as possible before the inevitable year+ hiatus while we re-code the majority of the mod from scratch. The server will remain up during that time, and I have no doubt there will still be a lot of Forge 1.12 users until more mods have made the transition as well, so if there are any fixes or quality of life improvements you'd like to see before we call the 1.12 version "done", be sure to let us know on Discord or GitHub!

Check out the full changelogs below for the full details on the latest update!



  • Added Carpet Glow Moss! Glowing magenta Moss that generates in patches on the floor of Overworld caves and in the End. Spreads slowly in dark places, and can be crafted into Magenta Glow Dye.
  • Added Creeping Glow Moss! Glowing blue Moss that generates on the roof of caves in the Overworld and Nether. Spreads slowly in dark places and can be crafted into Blue Glow Dye.
  • Added Clutchthorn Petals. Dropped by the two-tall Clutchthorn plants that grow on Chordsol in the End. Can be crafted into Glowing White Dye.
  • Added Glow Dye! New form of Dye crafted from various glowing blocks and items.
  • Comes in 9 colors: White, Magenta, Red, Orange, Gold, Green, Cyan, Blue, and Purple.
  • Can be used to dye any blocks normal Dyes can, with the exception of Banners and Beds (these may be added in the future).
  • Cannot be used to dye Leather Armor or Sheep (yet).
  • Glowing Dyed blocks function identically to their normal counterparts, but glow in the dark without emitting much actual light.
  • Glow Dyes can be crafted together to form other colored Glow Dyes, just like normal Dye. However, Glow Dye color-mixing works like light instead of paint -- Red + Green + Blue = White, etcetera.
  • White Glow Dye can also be crafted with normal Magenta, Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime, Light Blue, Blue, or Purple Dye to convert that dye into Glow Dye.
  • White, Magenta, Gold, Green, Cyan, Blue, and Purple Glow Dyes can currently be crafted from existing natural ingredients, but Red and Orange can not -- color mixing is required for those two.
  • Added Glowing Wool. Behaves identically to Wool, but glows in the dark.
  • Added Glowing Carpet. Behaves identically to Carpet, but glows in the dark. (Cannot be used as a Llama saddle yet.)
  • Added Glowing Concrete Powder. Behaves similar to Concrete Powder, but glows in the dark. Turns into Glowing Concrete when exposed to Water.
  • Added Glowing Concrete. Behaves identically to Concrete, but glows in the dark.
  • Added Glowing Terracotta. Behaves identically to Terracotta, but glows in the dark.
  • Added Glowing Glazed Terracotta. Behaves similar to Terracotta, but glows in the dark. Can be rotated to form decorative patterns with neighboring Glowing Glazed Terracotta.
  • Added Glowing Stained Glass. Behaves identically to Stained Glass, but glows in the dark.
  • Added Glowing Stained Glass Panes. Behaves identically to Stained Glass Panes, but glows in the dark.
  • Added Glowing Candles. Can be lit and extinguished just like normal Candles, but also glow in the dark even when not lit.
  • Added a new Creative tab for all the new Dye-related blocks.
  • Added JEI support for Freezing recipes! These are a type of "recipe" that have been in the mod for a while, but aren't well known about since there's no GUI associated with them.
  • Freezing recipes are split into two categories: Light Freezing and Deep Freezing. Light Freezing occurs when mining blocks with any Glacierite tool (i.e.; mining Dirt with a Glacierite Shovel drops Permafrost instead), or by walking on blocks while wearing a full suit of Glacierite Armor.
  • Deep Freezing recipes can only be achieved by walking on blocks while wearing a full suit of Glacierite Armor AND having your boots enchanted with Frost Walker. These recipes are very obscure, but having JEI documentation for all of them will make things a lot easier on anyone interested in automation!
  • JEI support for Sieve loot is planned for the next update, but I unfortunately wasn't able to finish it in time for this one.


  • Heart Spots now generate less frequently.
  • Glowpumpkins now have a chance of dropping Glowing Purple Dye when crushed.
  • Glowshrooms can now be crafted into 1 Glow Dye, or crushed into 2-3 Glow Dye.
  • Glowshroom Blocks now have a chance of dropping 1 Glow Dye instead of an extra Glowshroom when crushed.
  • Hanging Glow Moss now can be crafted into 1 Gold Glow Dye, or crushed into 2-3 Gold Glow Dye.
  • Clutchthorn now has a chance of dropping 1 White Glow Dye when crushed.
  • Chorus Flowers can now be crushed into 3 Purple Glow Dye, with a chance of dropping 1 White Glow Dye.
  • Shimmerstone Lamps now have a chance of dropping 1 Glow Dye instead of a Glowshroom when crushed.
  • Glowshroom Baubles can now be crushed into 2-3 Glow Dye.
  • Voidberries can now be crushed into 1-2 White Glow Dye.
  • Changed the texture of Chorus Plants/Flowers in the End -- they now have an animated glow effect that syncs up with all the other End plants.
  • Chorus Flowers now emit a low light level.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to crush an item while the Crusher's output slot is empty but the bonus slot is not.
  • Fixed Berry Bushes dropping exponentially larger amounts of Berries every time one is broken.
  • Fixed Magnet Pistons being able to pull normally immovable blocks like Obsidian, Chests, or even Water.
  • Fixed an issue where breaking an Archantine Sieve at the same moment you picked up an item could cause the Sieve to break completely instead of dropping the repairable broken version.
  • Fixed Minestrapp Skull items appearing way smaller than Vanilla Skulls in the inventory and on the ground.
  • Fixed normal Moss only being placeable at seemingly random coordinates in the Nether.
  • Fixed Activators not being able to apply Dragon's Breath to or extinguish Carved Pumpkins.
  • Fixed Sorter hitboxes being somewhat inconsistent with their facing.
  • Fixed some weird GUI misalignment with the JEI interfaces.
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