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March 28th, 2017

Media and Violence

Rwandan Genocide

Perpetrators, the majority of population, government:

  • Hutu: 84% of the population.
    • Farmers (often on Tutsi land), and servitude to Tutsis.


  • Tutsi: 15% of the population, and 9 - 10% after the genocide.
    • Often times herders and land owners.
  • Twa: 1% of the population.

It is important to note that Hutu, Tutsi are social classification - and economic categories, not racial distinctions. The two groups of people lived on the same land for centuries. And as all social construct goes, the categories may vary in its content - one could become Tutsi from Hutu, and vice versa - based on economical status and occupations.

In the period of German colonial rules (late 19th century), at the height of scientific racism, categorised Tutsis as a superior race for their monarchist heritage - often described to be taller, more slender, and Hamites (a "lower" category of whites, based on the Curse of Ham... incorrect interpretation of the Bible) - and in all, Hutus were recognised as blacks, lower than those of Tutsi heritage, and therefore must be originated from Ethiopia.

With German's theory of racial classification, labour and other civil laws were set in place in areas of Rwanda. With German's defeat, Belgians became the new colonisers, and furthered institutional racism - with racial identification cards enforced on citizens.

In the last days of Belgian colonial rules, it was responded by Rwandans to form a republic by the end of the colonial rule. Hutus, with their majority in population, were set in for governmental rules...

  • Followed by mass violence throughout 1960 - 1980s.
  • Some Tutsi people (and many of which are English speakers) was forced to move to Uganda (a faction of which longed to regain control over Rwanda - Rwanda Patriotic Front).

Claims About Media

It was claimed that the Rwandan Genocide was encouraged by hate radio programmes... How reliable is this claim?