Fast, Multi-Threaded, Auto-Retrying, Rate-Limited, Highly Tested Riot Games API Lib for Java
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Travis Maven Javadoc Stable

Java Library for the Riot Games API

Zyra's goals are speed and reliability. Zyra has built-in behind-the-scenes multi-threading which makes Zyra 6+ times faster than other libraries for large queries. Zyra handles rate limits and large requests seamlessly. Zyra does not support the tournament APIs.


  • Fast, multi-threaded
  • Automatically retry failed requests
  • Asynchronous chaining with CompletableFuture
  • Highly-configurable


Zyra requires Java 8.

If you are using Maven or Gradle, see the Build Tools section. Otherwise, see the instructions below.


Nightly Build GitHub Release

If you are not using a build system, release packaged jars are available through GitHub's releases. Additionally, the most recent (nightly) build is available here. There are several different jars available:

  • zyra-VERSION-standalone.jar - Go with this if you are not sure what you need. The jar has the minimal required dependencies needed to use Zyra.
  • zyra-VERSION-standalone-full.jar - Has all Zyra's dependencies in their entirety, such as Google Guava. Larger than the minimal standalone jar.
  • zyra-VERSION.jar - Has only Zyra. You will need to manually include the (many) dependencies.

zyra-VERSION-javadoc.jar contains the Javadocs and zyra-VERSION-sources.jar contains the sources.

Build Tools



Add the following to your pom.xml dependencies section. Make sure to update VERSION.



For stability, you should replace + with an explicit version.

repositories {

dependencies {
    compile 'com.mingweisamuel.zyra:zyra:+'


Javadoc Stable Javadoc Nightly

Full example

The following code prints the top 10 champions for Doublelift and C9 Sneaky.

import com.mingweisamuel.zyra.RiotApi;
import com.mingweisamuel.zyra.championMastery.ChampionMastery;
import com.mingweisamuel.zyra.enums.Region;
import com.mingweisamuel.zyra.lolStaticData.Champion;
import com.mingweisamuel.zyra.lolStaticData.ChampionList;
import com.mingweisamuel.zyra.summoner.Summoner;

import java.util.Arrays;
import java.util.List;
import java.util.Map;
import java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException;

public class ZyraExample {

    public static void main(String[] args) throws ExecutionException, IOException {
        try (RiotApi api = RiotApi.builder("RGAPI-example-api-key").build()) {

            // get champion data (ignoring locale, version) by champion id
            ChampionList champList = api.staticData.getChampions(Region.NA, null, null, true);
            Map<String, Champion> champs =;

            // get summoners by name
            Map<String, Summoner> summoners =
                    api.summoners.getByName(Region.NA, Arrays.asList("c9 sne aky", "DoUbleLIft"));

            for (Summoner summoner : summoners.values()) {
                System.out.println( + "'s Top 10 Champs:");
                // get top 10 champs by mastery for each summoner
                List<ChampionMastery> masteries =
                        api.championMasteries.getTopChampions(Region.NA,, 10);

                for (int i = 0; i < masteries.size(); i++) {
                    ChampionMastery mastery = masteries.get(i);
                    // get champion for this mastery
                    Champion champ = champs.get(Integer.toString(mastery.championId));
                    // print i, champ name, champ mastery points, and champ level
                    System.out.printf("%3d) %-16s %,7d (%d)%n", i + 1,,
                            mastery.championPoints, mastery.championLevel);

Output (2017-01-18):

C9 Sneaky's Top 10 Champs:
  1) Jhin             268,866 (7)
  2) Lucian           195,541 (7)
  3) Ezreal           146,950 (7)
  4) Ashe             144,269 (7)
  5) Caitlyn          139,390 (7)
  6) Sivir             84,331 (7)
  7) Twitch            82,702 (7)
  8) Vayne             80,733 (7)
  9) Tristana          75,150 (6)
 10) Miss Fortune      70,757 (7)

Doublelift's Top 10 Champs:
  1) Jhin             126,291 (7)
  2) Caitlyn           97,410 (7)
  3) Vayne             79,420 (7)
  4) Lucian            77,254 (7)
  5) Kalista           43,572 (5)
  6) Ashe              36,408 (7)
  7) Ezreal            35,754 (6)
  8) Twitch            33,169 (6)
  9) Kog'Maw           22,459 (5)
 10) Tristana          20,582 (4)

Building a RiotApi instance

API interaction is done using instances of the RiotApi class. RiotApi has a builder-helper for configuring Zyra. To get a default instance (with default development rate limits):

RiotApi api ="RGAPI-example-api-key").build();

IMPORTANT: RiotApi implements Closeable. You should call api.close() if you are done with the RiotApi instance, otherwise your process may hang.

Interacting with the API

API interaction in Zyra is done through endpoint sets which correspond (almost) 1-to-1 to the sections listed in the official Riot API Reference.


// get summoners by name
Map<String, Summoner> summoners =
        api.summoners.getByName(Region.NA, Arrays.asList("C9 Sneaky", "Doublelift"));
for (Summoner summoner : summoners.values()) {
    // get total champion mastery points for each summoner
    int score = api.championMasteries.getScore(Region.NA,;
    System.out.println( + ": " + score);

There are also asynchronous versions of every endpoint method which return CompletableFutures to allow chaining.

More examples can be found in Zyra's integration test sources.